Glory Bites

This is why we love movies

There is some special kind of magic in the musicals, that touches us very deeply. “The Umbrellas of Cherbourg” is a very special and unique film, every word in the script is sang. But even more important is a love story with a heart breaking and realistic end.

- Les Parapluies de Cherbourg (1964) . 

That’s exactly how I see Marilyn, beautiful and sad.. The Misfits is one of the best Marilyn’s works. 

    - The Misfits 1961

This character earn their money by hunting horses and selling them for dog food. Roslyn just can’t resist seeing a beautiful and noble creature being hunted down cruelly. After seeing this scene from The Misfits you just have to recognize what an amazing actress Marilyn was. 

The only one that achieved to outdance and outcharm The King himself , was Ann- Margaret. This cute redheads’ moves and Viva Las Vegas made music movie history, like the only decent Elvis Presley movie.

        - Viva Las Vegas - 1964

The best wedding crashing scene ever! This scene is the esence of a dramatic love scene. And two young lover that escape from the church locking their families in with a GIANT cross. It just the coolest movie ever about cougars. 

 - The Graduate 1967